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401(k) Fee Calculator

The first step to lowering your fees starts by comparing your plan. Click below to talk to a retirement plan expert today.

401(k) fee comparison,
from an independent advisor

We are not affiliated with any recordkeeper, nor have we built our own recordkeeping system. That means we’re an independent advisor that can focus on helping find the right retirement plan provider, fund line up and fiduciary coverage for you.

What fees go into a typical 401(k) plan?
401(k) Cost How is it Charged? Who Typically Pays?
Fund expenses %AUM Employees
Advisory fee %AUM Employees
Sales commissions %AUM Employees*
Recordkeeping fees Varies Sponsors
Custodial fees %AUM Employees
TPA fees Varies Varies
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How does the fee calculator work?

Given current plan assets and employee count, we can estimate your all-in cost on up to three providers with a diversified, low-cost fund line up. We also know the average for plans exactly your size so you can gauge how your fees compare to the industry as a whole.