Say “bye-bye” to manual tasks

If you’re running payroll at a small or mid-sized business and have a typical 401(k), you know the drill. Every pay period, you upload payroll files to the 401(k) recordkeeping system, add newly eligible employees to the 401(k) plan, and enter employees’ deferral changes into the payroll system.

There must be an easier way.

ForUsAll’s 401(k) payroll integration software plugs into pretty much any cloud-based payroll system into your 401(k) recordkeeper. Because the ForUsAll platform lets your data sync, it knows when you’ve added new employees and can automatically update deferrals, notify new participants when they become eligible – and more! Here are just a few of the payrolls that our software connects with; if you don’t see your system on the list contact us and we’ll see if we can add an integration.

ForUsAll 401(k) payroll integrations

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Automatic deferral updates

Do you hate having to manually change employee deferrals every pay period? And do you lie awake at night worried about the liability that you’d incur if you made a mistake? (After all, the IRS says, “An employer’s failure to execute an employee’s election to defer amounts to a 401(k) plan is a relatively common error.” But the penalties are stiff.) ForUsAll seamlessly connects your payroll with your 401(k) recordkeeper, meaning you are no longer required to have a tedious and potentially expensive manual system. Let the power of the cloud do the work for you!

'Illustration of measuring tools and a lightbulb'
'Illustration of measuring tools and a lightbulb'

Employee onboarding communications

Employee onboarding into your company’s retirement plan should be a great experience for your HR team and your employees. ForUsAll handles participant onboarding, including required communications and initial deferrals.

Employee 401(k) eligibility tracking

Imagine the error rate when a single person on your team is responsible for tracking hours worked to estimate employee eligibility. Now imagine your life with payroll integration, where ForUsAll automatically tracks your employee’s eligibility. Isn’t that nice?

'Illustration of measuring tools and a lightbulb'
'Illustration of a chart graph'

Employee automatic enrollment

With payroll and your 401(k) recordkeeper connected , setting up automatic employee enrollment is so much easier. Automatic eligibility tracking, coupled with automated employee communications, means running a compliant 401(k) with automatic enrollment is a snap.

Ready to see how easy administering a 401(k) can be with payroll integration?